söndag 14 augusti 2011

summer so far

Summer is coming to it's end and so far it's been fantastic. I've been Ängsholmen, worked, spent time with friends, gotten a tan, bathed in cold and warm salty water, taken long walks, danced on festivals, met new people, met new boys, laughed and so on and so on.

From a day when I met Nora. 

From a day when I had a picnic with Karin and Alice at Djurgården.

From a day when I met Lovisa in a super warm summer Stockholm.
From a day when Elsa came to visit me at my countryhouse. 

My mother and I took  a last minute trip to Antibes. 

In Antibes we had dinners at small little restaurants. Yoghurt, cream, raspberry and meringue dessert.

I slept in late.

Had dinner by the water next to an old french/german couple who talked about the Olympics.

Celebrated Le 14 Julliet. 
Le 14 Julliet: A massive amount of people watching fireworks. 

cuzz bebe ur a firewööööörk

When I got home I started working. So I spent my days working in the city, bored. And my evenings taking 2 hour walks with Isabelle. 
Dreamt about living in a green house in the forrest. 

I haven't really photographed that much. Someday I'll show you my camp and emmaboda photos. 

xxxxxx elsa bambi

4 kommentarer:

  1. sötis! saknar dig ju! väldigt fina bilder, duktig!! jag var jättenära antibes, i cannes i juni, hah, synd att vi inte var där samtidigt! snart blir det stockholm för mig igen, då ses vi!! pusss <3

  2. fint fint fint men snälla söta ta bort bilden på mig.. den övre iallafall, känns inte så bra. tack puss x/alice

  3. i love the print on your dress in antibes, and that dessert has made me hungry!

  4. that yoghurt dessert looks sooooo good!