onsdag 6 juli 2011

Hello and good day!
Today the weather is extremely sunny so my friend Nora and I are going to "the beach" which is not a beach but a place by the water where you can swim and such. I'm bringing my dog and we're going to have a picnic. I'll try to take photos.

Yesterday I met up with Elsa my love who I've missed quite a bit and had lunch. We went to Urban Outfitters and I bought the dress I'm wearing in the crappy images above. It's from Pins & Needles and it was on sale and I love it.

I've gotten this weird bite on my wrist, it itches like hell. It's all white and weird... I get scared when I get these types of bites....

I hope you are well and if you're swedish enjoying the summer heat.

xx elsa bambi

5 kommentarer:

  1. Ah I love your dress! Have fun at the beach!
    Anjelica xx

  2. nu är vi! *lägger till*
    hade så kul... t... på restaurangen. <3

  3. i guess i just had to follow your new blog - there is something awesome about you ! (ps... i met some swedish people on holiday )